trying to smile but I can't =(

can u tell me why u start ignore me??
im trying to smile but I can't..
what should i do... I think right now I'm start crying....
try to laughing but I can't do it to...

a few hour ago im just saying
"CRYING?? I think I don't need to cry.. cry is some thing that very stupid thing to me ..."
but right now i'm crying.... i'm so stupid...

tdi aku cuba cover kesedihan aku...
tp skunk mmg xlay cover dah..
tdi ak cuba senyum
tp senyum aku tak ikhlas
aku cuba nk ketawa tp ak just buat2 ketawa

hati aku lagi hancur biler dier suruh ak
pergi kat bdk tu... lagi hancur haty aku
bila my love say he dont have "tpi skrun niee dah xder prsaan paper pwn"
akhir nyer..
dier berjaya wat ak ngis lagi...

im really sad when u say like that..
im just loving u
from the start izzat hakimi!!!

why u make me like thiss!!!
what meaning of this word??
i'm sorry for hurting your feeling... i don't have other choise...
thats the only choice i had.. i'm sorry
don't leave me like this sayang..
not just because that boy is like me
that mean i must accept him be my love..
im just loving u!!!!!!!
no one else!!!!

love me as well plizz
don't make me hurt any more..

ak nk kita mesra cm dulu..
nothing else
and i'm just wanna loving u...

im really need u in my life
plizz dun make me cry any more...

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