im just walk away..
walking far and far from this place?
nvm. stop talking about that.

just thinking what should i give the title
of this entry? aiyak!! :(
idea x datang ar ary ne..
im just bored! apew xnyer bru bgon tido

just thinking for a long time
about something that so hard..
i'm not study enough? :(
"am I lazy?" asking my ownself
yeah that right.. im a lazy girl.

this entry is really MENGARUT!
nonsense! apew ak merepek ne??
she say; aku, pemalas.kuat tido?xleh org suroh skit dh marah2?
cpt badmod? suka berkurung dlm bilik?
sume time im rude?
change a lot k aku yg dulu & skrg?

mybe she is right.
should I go for this time..
mybe I should..
to solve this problem

last day im here
and saying good bye my beloved home!


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