silly milly; yes i do :)

yes i do! im a lazy girl! malas! and aku xsedar it just only two weeks left! wtf! im the bitch dat perasan lawo! bajet cute1 wat bijok dpn bdk laki. bla..bla..bla...full stop!

aku xpuas aty agy nk maki neih! ak rasa nk menjerit! smlm dah melalak dpn tv kene marah di ayh aku until my laptop pown kne kebas..huh! u know why? coz ak mula terasa bahang PMR! im not ready yet.. T-T PMR dh dekat. td bru jew blik bndor ganu. just buying a few things nk bwk g hostel.. then singgah arena sport buying a pair of sandle caspia.. bought science prctice books and english.. dua subject ne mmg ak lemah doe!

i think i wanna make science extra class with ckgu bakar. i need it! really important. i'll try ask him. :) i hope he can make extra class for me and another my classmate that weak in science.. about english. i wanna make grammar and vocab revesion.

and tomorrow we will celebrate eid at skool. :) wearing bju raya ;black with new sandle that i bought! :) awesome! can't wait tomorrow. :D now just trying how to wearing scarf. kinda difficult but i wanna try it! hu3 :) btw this evening i wanna back to hostel.. before that, nk g raye di chendering. umah mak sedara :) kat permin.. huhuhu... just dressing as simple as i can!

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