good job team malaysia!

3 minutes to finish this entry! ha3. hello world! here i am! today i'm wrightin' at night. u now why? all day i try to finish my myspace layout. mc2 ar dok reka.. padahal mende mudah jew. tdai bru jew lps tengok bola ngn ayah! yes, my dad;the coach of football;hokey;badminton! he is pretty go0d in sport activities! and now i wanna follow his steps :)

good job team bola malaysia! 3-1 not bad arh! bising bangor kali ak ngn ayh tengop bola td. mee goreng fav ak dpn mate pown xsentoh. khusuk nyer tgok bola. melekat mongeng ak tngop bola!
hahahahah.. naty nk tgop citer cina lop! :D

adess! 10.00pm! chinese story mlm ne! amboh terlepas tengo jackey chan blakon maa! i love him. going to watch tv. yeah! every night started from 9.00 pm until 1.00 am i'll watching tv. then bru men laptop until feel sleepy babe!

okey. im already late! so i'll continue later this post! :)

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