I just wanna know why?

counting the hour, day, and night. 1, 2, 3, a b c. doesn't mean anything. don't give me any answer of this question. every time, we're always meet with unfortunetly accident. *memerhati dari jauh. and far from my heart i now he watching at me too. today, I meet him again and again. *sengaja or what? Just watching and only that. I don't know when i meet him, i feel like wanna run away. Hate to see his eyes. AM I SHY? noway! i never shy with anyone especially with boy! I got a few accident with him that really embarrassing & i don't wanna its happen again. *dulu jumpe tegor. NOW just catch eyes to eye. something wrong with me! AM I? 0MG! *jangan buat ak perasn sekor larH! IHATEIT! and don't make me hate u without reason too. please!