Hye pees. Now I guess I'm to busy with books, notes and making a lotes of revision. They make me feel f**king shitt nervous for a few week before this. The deal still a deal and it will not be cancel. I hope so larh. I'm busy struggling for this exam, wish me luck for my mid-year exam.

I know some of you thought that, its only MID-YEAR exam and do not have to pay attention a lotes. But not for me, I got a big deal with my dad. And I should give him the best. Everyone make me feel like shitt.. pfffttt. WTF.

I don't want to talk much, time not waiting for me. And I don't want to wast your time to.
So, see you on this school holiday.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

haha.gud luck yaa. :DD

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Good Luck ;)