Special Addition.

Hey I'm Macbeth, now I'm reading chemistry revision books. Don't distrub me with your voice. So now I just meet Lother Meyer. You should know him and his other friends such as Antoine Lavoisier, Johann W. Dobereiner, John Newland, Dmitri Mendeleev and lastly Henry G. J. Moseley. I'm just meet him a few second ago. Lother Meyer is a Germen chemist that one of six person that contribution of scientists to the development of the Periodic Table.

Stop babling and nagging bout that Kinah. Don't waste ur time. LOL! So, for a few hours passed, I read some formula for chemistry. Bla..bla..bla.. The end.And know I'm could understand some of them, I'll practice it soon.

So my mom looks like not disaffected with me Don't take it serious dude. She always like that when i make something wrong such as, I don't eat anything for today.. My mouth still hurt, I can't eat anything cause it could make me cry like baby. This is serious, its really hurting me. For a few hours passed I'm just take some medicine but nothing good happen. pfft.

Pray for my chemistry paper tomorrow pees. Hope I can get better then exam before this. choww..

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