All right move,

It really bothers me when people on here show off how much of a low self esteem they have, and all of this thinspiration crap! I’m not having a go at any one in particular, I just really don’t understand it. If you feel ugly, then stop for a minute and research some books that can help you boost your confidence and give you advice, not research beautiful models with faces that don’t actually look humanly possible. If you feel fat, then why are you sat on a laptop or desktop lazing through blogs full of boney girls, huh? If you hadn’t noticed, not eating makes you look like a zombie. You will always be better off getting off your butts and going for a jog instead of crying about girls who look like Slim from A Bug’s Life.

Not only are you guys feeling bad about yourselves, but you’re even setting yourselves up to feel even worse. so stop it, it’s ridiculous! Unless you are Quasimodo, you’re fine. Unless you’re classed as morbidly obese, you’re fine too. And if you have a problem with the way they look, change it! Wear a new style, read a few books, try playing with a skipping rope for an hour. You can’t expect these things to happen by themselves. Unless you do something about it, you’re always going to feel the way you do.

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Ninaa Joyy berkata...

Weh sorry. tapi bintik bintik yang jatuh macam salji ni buat aku pening nak baca. sorry sorry sorry. :)

I'm JUNKS berkata...

thanks complain. :D
bgus jugak lu comment, kalau tak mati hidup smula gua tak tau :)