My mind begin empty agains. And my ass start rolling on the floor. Fuuu.. This freaking shit try to make me feel like a dump girl. I should stop doing those things. It make my head becomes aching badly like the earthquake at Japan, yesterday.

My result for the first exam on 2011 was absolutely suck ! And I saw my dad face like disappointed with me. Oh my God help me. I'm not trying to make them sad. I am already trying the best for the first TOV examination for 2011, but thats all I got.  Maybe I did something wrong, but fyi, I'm not prepared enough for Take Of Value examination. And I deserved to get the suck result. 

Dear mom and dad , I wanna make you happy and I wanna see your smile. Please don't be sad or mad on me. I'm not trying to spoil my result. Please understand me. I know you are counting on me, because I am your only daughter in this world. I'm promise I'll never playing around anymore.

I'll ensure that for this mid year examination, I get a better result than this. Insya-Allah.

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