Its April and I'm missing the April Fool. This year its like a miracle when I don't make a dirty little trick to my classmate. As you know, every year I make a stupid jokes or trick to my classmate and make them felt "Huuh ?" Actually I'm not going to talk bout April Fool for this entry. 

Straight to the point.

I am a busy person. I'm just realized that I am a student. Every second is like a dollar to me. So I make it short. I'll rarely online after this. I hope you understand. My holiday is only on Friday and the other day, which mean Saturday to Thursday is my study day. Its give me such a hard time to through out. But I should struggle very hard this year. This is my last chance to prove that I'm not a troublemaker that such a loser person.

I'm tired and in pain.

Dear Allah, help your slave. Give me a chance to prove to my parents and I don't want to see them upset. Please give me a lot of strenght to through out this difficult situation. Amin

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