Midyear exam is going to be end. I has 4 paper to finish on this week including Sivik.  About this mid year exam, for now allhamdulilah, I still could answer the question and chemistry paper 2 section C which is essay part, I answer them like  Woah-Iam-so-lame-and-I-dont-remember-anything-that-I-read. T-T

Forget about that, I wish my result is better than TOV. My target is not too high. I hope I could get better than the past and improve my skill to answer the paper. Wish me luck.

Well, the school holiday is waiting for me, but I guess I can't enjoy my holiday much, because a lot of thing need to finish up. I am SPM candidates and I glad that I realized it from the began.

Thats all for today.

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