Things that I never wish it happen in my life

I am so sad today. My face become swollen. 
Tears are rolling down from my eyes. 
And I was on my bed and cried badly. 

My heart is aching so bad.
 I still felt the pain. 

Dear God, help me. Forgive my sins 
and please saved the poor little kitten.

It all my fault. 

If I do not go there, this would never be happen.

When I told what just happened today to my mom, she said ; 
It not your fault. The incident that happen today have wisdom and reason behind the story.

I wish the incident today would never happen in my life. 

This is the nightmare that I wish  would never be happen on me.
But it already become reality that hurting.
I never imagine that something like this would be happened on me.

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