Imaginary Boyfriend

Since I'm just settle down a novel for one night, I started to thinking about my ideal types for A-boyfriend. I'm not pretty good in this stuff, but I'll try my best to do so. Actually, I'm not really in-to a guys. Doesn't mean that I am Lesbian. Nauzibillah! Yet, I don't really think it is necessary because, A Guy Stuff and ect bla bla bla is quite tiring and irritating me.

After finished reading Need by Carries Jones. I could tell you that, I really need a werewolf. Not Jacob in ze Twillight, okay ?! He is NOT SO MANLY. So I end up to give an exception for him from being my werewolf boyfriend. Nah, like it will happen in reallity.

To have a werewolf boyfriend,
who save you ,
cook for you,
comfort with
his warm body
is a good things.

So, let's meet in my dream okay. WEREWOLF BF ?

p/s: Imagination and Dreamland never fail you.

- 7:20 AM , Off to dreamland.

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