Can You be Our Imam?

When it comes about solat, we always querrel to each other. Who's gonna be our imam for today's prayer? Well, here, in CFS we have a lot of students who came from religious high school. For sure, when it comes about solat, we'll choose them as our Imam. However, sometimes for an ordinary student like me, there will be a time where we need to be Imam during solat.

Then, it come this day where, there are only me and my senior in mussolla for Isyak.

"Junk, kau jadi imam malam ni, asyik akak je jadi imam. Nak jugak rasa orang lain jadi imam." - One of my senior said this to me.

"Akak, takkan saya kot. Kita tunggulah Ilah (bukannamasebenar) , tak nak lah saya jadi imam."

"Alah, asyik akak dengan Ilah je jadi imam, awak bila lagi? Masa ni lah nak cungkil bakat terpendam."

"Tak nak, tak nak. Cepat lah akak, jadi imam, saya qamat eh? Saya nak pergi makan pulak nanti lepas solat."

"Awak ni asyik makan je, petang tadi tak makan ke?"

I'm smiling and showing my pity face.

At the end of our conversation, Ilah and my roommates came for Isyak prayer. So at the end of the conversation, one of my roommates become the Imam that night.

So here, when it comes about who gonna be imam in solat, sometimes it become hard to decide as  sometimes we did tried to avoid from be a Imam. However we still perform our solat jemaah together because at the there will be a volunteer to be Imam. Hehe.

Well when it comes about Imam, my self-esteem become lower because there are a lot of students here who got such a melodious voice to be an Imam. I don't know what the other student think about it but I don't think that this is only on my imagination. But that is one of my reason, to not to be an Imam here, in CFS.

May I gain my self-esteem back. Amin.

12:16 AM ; In-the-making of the ibumie goreng. Lol.

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