Heart-breaking News

How I supposed to explain about my situation ? It is a heart breaking news for me. Well, I don't know how to describe my feeling right now. Am I alright or not. Upset or not. Whatever it is, I still need to accept it with open heart.

Do not ever and never cry over the past. Sigh. It's not like I don't put a lot of affords. Damn, I am trying the best, I put so much afford on this..  But that is all I got. I do reflect myself about my mistakes. I do asked forgiveness. I do forgive people. But still..

I'm not losing a hope.  I keep my faith on Him. Keep believe in Him. And even right now, I believe in Him. He put me in this situation to test me..

There is a time, when my world is getting worst than ever, somebody showed me into the light. The right thing.

I'm still hoping that the news is wasn't true, as it is not an official announcement yet.

- 4:33AM ; Even I fail for a hundred times, I won't give up till I'm succeed.

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