Confuse & Confession

I think there is something wrong with my SPM's slip. I got A+ for Physics. After all this time, I don't think I need to ask myself, how could I get A+ for this subject but now I need to question it . Am I having other person SPM's slip?

Today, I'm having physics class. Those alphabets and formulas in the Collage Physics textbook was attacking me like a mad bull. For the time being, I think I am stupid in Physics. However when I thought about it again, if I am stupid, I won't be able to get A+ in Physics. So I named it miracle. All praises to the All Mighty God, Allah.

I think I need Physics for Dummies book. Ugh, I felt like I am in another world when the lesson started. Surely, this is not the end between me and Physics. Last but not least, I'm glad that Physics is not equivalent to Chemistry who hate me so much. 

Chemistry is a madness, Physics is unknown and Biology is a pure and lovely thing that I ever meet..

5:55 PM ;  such a cold and raining day in PJ

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