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Yesterday, I went to Sarah's room. I can't hold the boredom inside me. Yet, today is my third day for me being alone in this room. All of my roommates went back to their hometown or their uncle's house as it is CNY holiday. And, I am a loner right here. Sigh.

Well, I met Fadhlina yesterday. She supposed to be at Kinokuniya, KLCC at noon, but  she canceled her plan and hanged out with me and Sarah  for the whole day. Surely, I had a lot of fun with 'em.

" Weh, aku nak letak gambar Matluthfi lah dekat facebook aku, buat default picture." - Fadhlina said to me.

"Lah letak jelah, dia kan public figure. Tak ada orang marah pun." - I did uttered something like this to her.

"Ye lah tapi..." - Her face expression changed dramatically.

I knew what she gonna said to me. With those face expression, I can understand THE feeling.

"Being scared of what people said or thought of you." - splendid answer (!)

Who cares what the other people said to you?? They just want to make you feels down, lower your self-esteem and etc. Do what ever you want to do as long it not gonna break the Syariah's rules. You're not even committing a crime. You just want to use Matluthfi's picture as your default picture. Do you think that you need to ask his permission to use his picture and post something like this to him;

" Assalamualaikum, abang Matluthfi saya nak guna gambar abang buat dp dekat FB. Boleh tak?"

Dear Fadhlina,
Just change your default picture with what-so-ever-poses-of Matluthfi you wanted to. He is a public figure. He will truly understand you as one of his fans and everyone could have his pictures including you. Don't tell me you're admiring Matluthfi90? Lol. I don't think he will mad at you. He doesn't even know who you are. Well, he got a zellion gallons of fan out there and I don't think he knows all of them.

Proudly to say that, I'm not a hard-die-fan of Mathluthfi90 and one more thing, the duck face is not suitable for you as you are not a bunch of high school kids anymore and you're doing master right now. Lol, I don't think that you're being scared of what other people said or thought of you. (Letak tangan atas bahu, mata tengok atas) Btw, thanks for entertaining me with your videos because some of them did managed to release my stresses and some of them just annoyed me. Haha.

- 12:38 AM ; Stranger by Dean Koontz still can't knock my heart.

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