First Impression

I used to think that the first impression is not important except for something vital like attending an interview. Well, you can't judge the person base on their appearance.

First and formost, I don't really care about my appearance as long as I covered my aurah properly. Some of my friends always worry about what they gonna wear for the class, what color should they match for thier baju kurung and hijab. Surely that is not my style. Who's care about what you wear? Your fashion? Your color of baju kurung or what-ever-it-is! But, kindly remind right here, please covering your aurah properly,  NOT warping your aurah with tight cloth.

 Since I'm entering CFS, I'm always being asked by others with this question;

"Are you comes from religious school?"

I think that is what people attempt to think about me, because of my appearance. Well that is what thier first impression about me. Certainly, I'm not good in Arabic language, my knowledge is not at the stage like Ustaz or Ustazah and I'm still learning right now. 

A few days ago, my friend said something like this to me;

" If I'm not her roommates, I'll never knew that she is the only child in her family."

When I asked her why, she refused to tell me, and I made my own assumption,

 "Maybe it because of my character." 

It just my own conclusion after the conversation. I never knew why she said so and I don't think I need to ask her again when she said no. After all, don't judge the book from its cover. You never know who or how is he/she at the first place during your first meeting.

Last but not least I want to emphasize something about aurah. As far as I concerned, covering aurah is compulsory in Islam. There are some people did said something like this; 

"Tak semestinya orang yang tak tutup aurat tu jahat dan tak semestinya orang menutup aurat tu baik"

Here I did like to say something, even you're good and nice person but you don't cover your aurah properly, how good your first impression to Allah SWT? And for those who covering aurah properly, in term of aurah you already follow the rule but in term of your bad personality are sure that you already have a good first impression to  Allah SWT?

In conclusion, not covering your aurah properly still committing a sin and having a bad personality like backbiting, having a relationship with ajnabi, free mingling, cheating and ect, also still committing a sin. Both cases is still committing a sin but different causes. One who is not covering the aurah and one who have a bad personality. 

If you are a good person with a good heart, in sya Allah, one day Allah will give you a hidayah that will lead you to the righ path. And don't be surprised that one day, the one who covering his/her aurah properly will not cover his/her aurah anymore, because hidayah comes from Allah. He, The All Mighty will choose who ever He like to give His hidayah or to take away His hidayah.

Good person always got a good heart. In sya Allah.

5:57 ; received an email from Abah. :)

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