Free Falling

As usual, today, in Physics's class, my mind and my soul are completely out of range. The lecture is teaching about free falling and telling us about his experiences about air pocket situation.

Suddenly, I remembered about Can You Keep a Secret? one of Sophie Kinsella's novel. I smiled alone in the class when I'm remember that Emma told all of her secrets to a stranger when the plane hits air turbulence. Even the situation that explained by my lecture is not the same like in the novel, however I can't stop thinking about it. The scene of Emma telling her secrets during the turbulence completely appeared in my mind, and I felt like I wanted to laugh out loud during the class. It just like I saw the scene in 3D! Lol. But I still can behave myself during the class. Still, I can't stop smiling. I don't care what's the other said about.

My life is full with imagination that was untold to other people. But I don't think that, it only happen to me. I'm glad that I still could smile till this day even a lot of things is already happened to me.

Thank you Allah.

- 4:04 PM ; alone again, naturally. p/s :Where did I left my focus during the class?

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