This Means War

You're seeking for a war. Good job. Why I am saying so ? Because you're messing up with a wrong person.  You just started a war with me because you stole my seat. I was there and you just sat beside me without even asking me nicely to get my seat. You knew that, no one is at the back except me. That's why you dare to take my seat without using any urges. You already knew that I'll walk away.Yes you're right. It is happened just like you wants.

The worst part began, I needed to move from my seat. I'm just walked away from my seat and gave it to you. Arguing about who's seat is this won't settle the problem.Yet, I don't think that I needed to talk to you. It won't  bring any solution, so it is better for me to keep my mouth shut and save my voice to talk about other stuffs. If I won't do so last evening, it is really meant to be a world  war III between us. My hot-tempered won't make you last longer.

Thanks to Allah,  for kept me silent for last evening, even I was sulking until the end of the class. I don't know what will happen if my temper is exploded like a mad volcanic eruption in the class today. May be the chairs gonna flying everywhere, or may be I'm gonna cursing you for all evening today or may be we need to cancel our class that evening. But, sometimes, stays silent is better than talking. Plus, being silent ain't mean that you're such a loser. Too much talking won't bring any goods yet you'll gain a load of sins.

Btw, thanks for being soo polite! Your Songkok is not going to buy my first impression towards you. And surely, you won't be able to runaway from the lecture's attention as she always keeps an eye on you guys. I'm not mad, but a little bit pissed off. I'm not being upset for every boy in my class, it just that one who stealing my seat, okay?

So this is the solution: Don't you ever dare to steal my seat again! Bereh?

I am apologizing for my misbehave, if you think so.

2:55 AM ; again, I've class with you 'em tomorrow. Why there's need to have boys in my class?!

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