My mom and I

As I am the only child and daughter in my family, my mom and dad always have a high expectation towards me. There is a time when my result it quite "out-of-the-blue" my mom will share it with her friends and neighbors. For me, it is better to keep it under because I don't want the whole villager or her friends know about me.

Once before, my mom and I did have a bit misunderstanding, where causing us to have a little fight about my result. 

"Mak tak payahlah nak cerita dekat semua orang, kakak tak suka."

And nowadays, when I memorized back those memories, I started to understand my mom. As a woman and a daughter. I knew that she doesn't have another kid than me to be proud of. 


Now, the latest issue that we have right now is about marriage. She told me that some of her friend want to know about her "anak dara". And I asked her, "Did you told them anything, mak?" and my mom was like " Of course I told them, they are my friends and they are looking forward to meet you as they never meet my daughter." I was like what-thee-fish is that for? Meeting me? And I said to her,

"Mak lain kali jangan bagi tahu yang mak ada anak dara, kakak tak suka."

I did have my own reason to keep my existence as a secret. Well, nowadays I don't feel safe due to certain circumstance. Usually, my instance is always correct. So just let me to stay under, mom. Heee :D

p/s:  Happy International Women's Day

- 1:34 PM ; it is good to have midnight conversation with your own beloved mom.

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