Here I am, staying up all night. Finishing my last tutorial for SHE 1114. This is my last semester as a first year student, yet next year I'll be senior in this collage. For the next semester I was thinking to change my program.

Yes, change my program.

Its not like I dislike the current program, but sometimes I need to sacrifice for my own future. Thinking about the consequence for short term and long term. How does it affect my future. A lot of things is going on in my mind.

Critical thinking always give me such a hard time. I called my parent last night, I told them that  wanna change my program. Since I'm in dilemma choosing the program, I sought for their advises.

I was in between Physics and Biology.

How I wish Physics and Biology could be together. But I know that it never ever happen, from a long time ago. Since Biology is my favorite subject and Physics is like an enemy for me, but I still got confused between 'em. I'm just don't understand,  why Physics always act nicer to me than other subject. It is really unpredictable result.

If I change to Physical Science program, there is no other turning point to get back to Biology. And I'll choose Physics as a major subject in the main campus. Whereas, if I decide to change to ALHS I still could learn my favorite subject and if I have "reazki" I could proceed to medic in the main campus if my result is excellent. Well Physical Science is a little bit different from my current program as I'll drop Biology and add Comp 2 and Math 3. My current program's subject is alike to ALHS's subject, so nothing is changing except for the course during degree.

However, everything is still blurred. Yet the change program form is already came out. I scare if I miss the due date and I could not change the program ever again.

I wish I could settle everything within this week. Amin

2:47 AM - Pray for my success.

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