It is my true nature to be rebellion girl. I love myself for being rebellious. It such a good moment, when you can show off your true color (true feeling). Being rebellious doesn't mean that you're a bad person. Sometimes, it just for showing unsatisfied feeling towards something. Yet, after that you'll feel absolutely awesome! And sometimes you doesn't realize that you also hurts someone's feeling.

I used to be rebellious girl during my high school, but now I don't expected to do the same thing again. Well, when I think about it again, I guess it is quite rude. I am no good in seeking apologize to other people, but I am good in admitting my mistake and my wrong doing.

Expect the unexpected thing.

But for yesterday, I didn't think about the outcome of my attitude. After I'm discussing with my friend, I did realize something. I thought that I am changing right now, however there is still a part of me that want to feel being rebellious for once again in my life.

Just like in the novel, everything is predictable but you never know the ending till you finish it.

- Morning, 08:15 ; I thought that I am V Cool. But actually I'm not.

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