Study Weeks

I suppose to be in Port Dickson right now. However, I choose to stay back at the hostel. I knew that it kind of waste, as the vacation is FOC. I choose books instead of vacation. Yet, I still roaming around, watching movies and sleeping instead of studying. Kinda waste you know. It might be better for me if I followed 'em to PD.

Study week is already at the end. So, I decided to boast my energy for studying. I should not study in the last minute. I knew that I'm not suppose to do so, but still.. Movies and dramas is very good to be watched when the examination is around the corner.

Bravo, junks.

p/s: I really hope, when I get home, I could eat Mak Long's Nasi Kerabu Daging Bakar. Superb!

- 11:37 PM ; #nowwatching Cinta Vlog on Youtube. Silly me.

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