Work it Out

For a few days ago, I'm just registered for new semester as a senior. This is my senior year.So I am quite busy with add and drop session. Plus, my application to change my program is accepted. Alhamdulillah, I could change my program to Physical Science. Lectures sessions started today's morning for my class. Well, there will be a few more students entering my class since the add and drop session still goes on till the end of this week. I hope this is a new start for me.

I have no regret.

Maybe some of them quite disappointed with my decision, but they accepted it with open heart. Hopefully. 

I have no regret.

When my result is lower than my expectation, but it doesn't mean that I'm giving up.

This is a new start for me. I'm gonna make this right.
I'm gonna work hard till it satisfied me.

Applied BTQ in real life, not in examination paper only!

Things changes. A lot. I mean it.

Man Jadda Wajada .

11:58 ; C220 - Kotak Hati, singer- My roommate (Iqin)

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