Now or Never.

I went to Department of Science Program (DOSP) around 3 o'clock, today. Searching for my approval letter of change program.


I'm giving up my dream to be a doctor. It not looks like myself. Mom is pretty upset and dad said nothing about it since it is my future. They could only guide me to be a good person with a good personality and good future. I knew that every parents want the best to their children.

Dad always be my adviser since he understands what I want, what I like and dislike. However at the same time he try to pursue me about becoming a doctor. I think I'm already talked about this before.

I'm not suitable to become a doctor.


Nah, no need to worry about it. A few days later on, the approval letter of changing program will safely arrive home.

-4:24 PM ; #nowplaying I'm a Loner.

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