Preparing Myself.

Whom Should you marry ?
Marry Someone Who wants to get you through Halal Way (Nikaah). 

Not marry the one who wants a sexual relation before marriage.
Marry someone who promises never will cheat on you.
Marry someone you can trust all your life even blindly.
Marry someone who brings Tears of Joy and Happiness in your Eyes.
Marry someone who brings you Closer to Allah. 

Or someone Who always reminds you 
the way (prayers, fasts, good deeds etc) to fall in love with Allah.
Marry someone who will fall in Love with you Over and Over again.

Allah I want to fall in love again because of You. Not because someone ask me to. Not because the money that he earn too. And also not because the way his looks too. All I want is someone who I fall in love because of You. The one who reminds me of You. 

I knew that I am not perfect. Because human is imperfect. Perfection is only for eternal life which is in heaven that Prophet Adam was already been there before all of us exist in the world that we knew. I don't even know that am I deserve of that place because of the ton of sins I ever did to You. So I seek apologize from you. From my deepest heart, I know that I'll return back to You. 

And if the person can perfect me for You, don't let him go far astray. Keep his iman steady and up all the way.  And just keep us in distance so we meet in halal way. Because I'm also completing myself to be a solehah daughter and wife-to-be before marrying him because of You. And everything I do is to please You. All because chasing the paradise that You promises me in al-Quran. The dream that I always wish to become true.

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